[Upcoming Dramas] [TVB] 全職沒女 The No No Girl [2017]

April 2017 TVB Drama
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[Upcoming Dramas] [TVB] 全職沒女 The No No Girl [2017]

Postby DramaCorner » Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:47 am

全職沒女 The No No Girl
Release Date: April 10th 2017
Cast: Eddie Cheung, Nadia Chan, Owen Cheung, Jeannie Chan, Brian Tse, Erin Wong
Episode: 20

-A song from the drama is sung by Nancy Wu she posted a sneak peak on her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSS-yvFhcLJ/?hl=en
- Eddie Cheung will play a wealthy person of the upper class who is a natural-born workaholic.
- Nadia Chan will play Law Lai Ching (羅麗晶), a middle-aged 'nothing woman'. She is an uninhibited wedding makeup artist who is a natural-born love addict. For love, she becomes a strong wonder woman. Every time she meets a boyfriend, she learns a skill for him, such as swimming, playing the piano, car repair, driving a bus, etc., thereby becoming a Jack of all trades. She is a 'leftover woman' of the lower class. She and Eddie are a pair.
- Jeannie Chan will play a 'nothing woman' in her late 20s or early 30s. When she was young, love was greater than the sky, but when she grows up, she emphasizes finding true love. She and Owen Cheung have a romantic storyline; there are many scenes of him imagining her as a sexier and flirtatious girl. She will portray a 30s love story.
- Erin Wong will play Fan Tai Hei (范泰晞), a pure student who later goes down the wrong path. She plays two characters. She and Nadia live together; Nadia takes care of her. She will portray a 20s love story.
- Brian Tse will play Ko Sam (高琛).
- Griselda Yeung will play Owen's mother.
Watch 全職沒女 The No No Girl Online: http://lyfebuzzer.com/the-no-no-girl-%e ... %e5%a5%b3/
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