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[Upcoming TVB Drama] Our Unwinding Ethos - 十二傳說
[Upcoming TVB Drama] Our Unwinding Ethos - 十二傳說
A.k.a: Twelve Legends
Cast: Edwin Siu, Rosina Lam, Jonathan Cheung, Moon Lau, Angel Chiang, Lam Tsz-sin, Lau Kong, Eva Lai, Mary Hon, To Yin-gor, Jimmy Au, Kirby Lam, Hero Yuen
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More Info:
- 12 two-hour episodes, airing on Sundays @ 8:30pm.
- Lin Xia Wei, Cheung Wing Hong, and Edwin Siu will link the entire story.
- Edwin will play Fu Chi Pok (傅子博), a 'hea' reporter who unravels mysterious urban legends. He and Cheung Wing Hong already know each other because the relationship between reporters and cops is actually very close; they would either get information from the other or help each other. To investigate cases, he will also study folkloristics at the university, becoming Lin Xia Wei's student. He likes Moon Lau, but because she is very knowledgeable, having already won many reporter awards when she just entered the industry, he feels that he does not match up to her. There is a love triangle among him, Lin Xia Wei, and Moon.
- Lin Xia Wei will play Lala Poon Do Lai (潘朵拉), a folkloristics professor, using her study of legends to solve cases with Edwin and Cheung Wing Hong.
- Moon will play a reporter. She is Edwin's pupil; Edwin is both a mentor and a friend. She is also one of the main characters of the 'Bride Pool's Supernatural Incident' (新娘潭靈異事件). While shooting her wedding pictures at Bride's Pool, she bumps into a ghost. She even mysteriously disappears for an hour. In this case, Edwin finally uses love to move her into not marrying someone she does not like. After the wedding is called off, she continues being a reporter, investigating different cases with Edwin again. At this time, Lin Xia Wei has developed romantic feelings for Edwin after spending a lot of time together, creating a delicate triangular relationship.
- Angel Chiang will play Amelie Ku Pan Sin (顧盼倩), Jimmy Au's daughter. She, Alvis Lo, Calvin Chan, Kevin Tong, et al. will take part in the 'Undead Japanese Soldier Murder Incident' (日軍亡靈殺人事件). While doing a project at a ghost school, Kevin et al. get possessed by an undead Japanese soldier, using the top ten tortures on the students.
- Cheung Wing Hong will play a Senior Inspector of Police who believes in feng shui and ghosts. Even if the case has nothing to do with him, he will also join Edwin and Lin Xia Wei in cracking the case.
- Jazz Lam will play Dali Svaamee, a fortune teller who helps people change their fortune. He will get entangled among Kirby Lam, Tammy Ou-Yang, Kiko Leung, et al., taking part in the 'Seven Sworn Sisters Murder Incident' (七姊妹金蘭殺人事件), which is the seventh case.
- Lau Kong will play a villager of the New Territories who is very superstitious, which leads to many superstitious tragedies.
- Eva Lai will play a village girl who is considered a career woman in the village. She is a competent woman.
- Mary Hon will play the boss lady of a pawn shop. She is the mother of Jazz, Kirby, and Lin Xia Wei.
- To Yin Gor will play a folkloristics professor who has been confined for seven years. He is Edwin's father, and he is also Lin Xia Wei's teacher and has a close relationship with her.
- Jimmy will play Ku Joi Yung (顧在容,) a folkloristics scholar who appears to be an modest gentleman but is actually narrow-minded and scrupulous. He is Eva's ex-boyfriend.
- Kirby will play Poon Do Mei (潘朵美).
- Bobo Yeung will play Bili (苾), one of the seven sisters.
- Lulu Kai will play a panicky secretary of one of the departments at the university.
- David Do will play Kwok Chuen (國泉), a world-class painter. He is in the first case.
- Derek Wong will play Law Woon Ho (羅煥豪), a university professor who is loved by his female students. He is in the second legend: the university lotus pond story. Lin Xia Wei is his ex-girlfriend. Candice Chiu is his wife.
- Rachel Ching is in the second case.
- Tony Chiu is in the 'Wah Fu Estate UFO Incident' (華富邨UFO事件).
- Erin Wong will play Cheng Hiu Ying (鄭曉盈).
- Gordon Siu, Michael Wai, Angelina Lo, Poon Fong Fong, Erin, et al. will go to Macau to film the 'Luting Fish Murder Incident' (盧亭魚人殺人事).
- Gary Tam will play Lau Tai Yu (劉大宇), who is in the 'Eucalyptus Murder Incident' (榕樹精殺人事件).
- Leo Lee will play a rustic production assistant.
- Gloria Chan will play a television station artiste. She has a dark personality and will even kill someone.
- Vicky Chan will play a murderer.
- Desmond Pang will play Ho On Tung Nei (何安東尼), a singer.
- Kiko will play Hei (希), a cunning girl.
- Alvis Lo will play Dai Wai Hung (戴偉雄).
- Stephen Wong will play Au Yeung Kin (歐陽健).
- Ivan Yau will play Jackson Ng Ching San (吳精神).
- Yung Tin Yau will play a person whose facial nerves constantly twitch due to an accident. He has a romantic storyline with Moon.
- Lee Yee Man will play Pong Chi Mung (龐芷檬), who is in the 'Treasure Murder Incident' (寶藏殺人事件).
- Sophie Yip will play San (珊).
Credits to Hyn5

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