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[Upcoming TVB Drama] The Offliners - 堅離地愛堅離地
[Upcoming TVB Drama] The Offliners - 堅離地愛堅離地
a.k.a: Kennedy Vs Kennedy, Kennedy Loves Kennedy
Genre: Romantic comedy
Cast: Owen Cheung, Katy Kung, Jacqueline Wong, Jason Chan Chi-san, Moon Lau, Bowie Wu, Joseph Lee, Akina Hong, Rosanne Lui, Brian Tse, Karl Ting
Air Date: TBA

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More Info:
- The series mainly wants to talk about the communication among people. A lot of the time, the younger generation feels that the previous generation's ideas are really detached from reality, and the previous generation also feels that this generation of people is really detached from reality. However, the series hopes that every generation loves one another so that there is less conflict and more love and tolerance.
- The entire series will be packaged with techtronics, which is the industry of innovation and technology, and will mainly be location filming at the Science Park.
- Owen Cheung will play Ting Sun Hei (丁信希), a computer homebody who likes to play video games. He does not like being touched by people, and he reacts upon being touched. He meets Katy Kung after joining the techtronics company started up by her and Jason Chan. He is also called 「希神」.
- Katy will play Wong Chi Fei (王子菲), an IT startup CEO. She is a rich second generation and is rather detached from reality. She does not care whether the company makes money, and she is also not calculative about life issues. She is a tomboy who likes engineering things. She even hopes to be able to use technology to change people's lives, so she encounters many difficulties on her path to starting a business. Owen will assist her on the side, accompanying her in going toward her dream. The two will go from being a bickering pair to appreciating one another, and even becoming a couple in the end.
- Jason is responsible for managing the company. To maintain the company, he would make choices that others believe to not be good ones. He is a bad guy. He is initially with Moon Lau, and Jacqueline Wong likes him. In between, he has some bed scenes with Lisa Ch'ng. In the end, he also has a romantic storyline with Katy.
- Moon does volunteer work and is a nurse, so she is gentle and likes to help people. She does not really use social networking sites, but because she works as a volunteer at the Science Park, she meets Jason, Owen, et al., even being romantically entangled with them. Her boyfriend is Jason, and she will appear as Wonder Woman and a goddess in Owen's imagination. She is a goddess-level character.
- Jacqueline will play Ting Sun Yan (丁信恩), a KOL. She has a straightforward personality, is crude, and is more like a Hong Kong girl. She is very driven, as she works part-time at a maid café and is also a flirtatious part-time girlfriend who accepts money when she is touched, but it is not to the point of prostitution; however, it was not by choice, as her friend, who is a part-time girlfriend, was busy, so she substituted for her. She has to dance in a maid's outfit. Bowie Wu is her maternal grandfather.
- Lee Kwok Lun is from a wealthy family. Whatever he says goes; he is strict toward his children, Katy and Brian Tse.
- Akina Hong is from a wealthy family.
- Brian will play Wong Chi Pok (王子博), a rich guy who feels inferior and does not have enough confidence. He is an antagonist. He Katy's elder twin brother.
- Karl Ting will play a video game expert. He is a dispirited youth who does no decent work and only wants to play video games, so he has conflict with his mother (played by Rosanne Lui). He and Owen are brothers.
- Milkson Fong will play Rico, an IT nerd. He is also called 「葡萄L」.
- Chun Kai Wai is from a wealthy family.
- Aaryn Cheung will play Ko Kin Bor (高健波), an IT nerd. He is a fan of girl groups. He is also called 「AK仔」.
- Ho Yuen Tung will play 「奇異果博士」, an IT nerd.
- Kevin Tong will play 「街霸強」, an IT nerd. He is the king of trendy phrases.
- Fion Yung is from a wealthy family.
- Hebe Chan will play a KOL who loves money. To increase her popularity, she becomes a waitress at a maid café, becoming a flirtatious maid.
- Daniel Chau will play a disabled person. He and Moon have a miscalculated fate.
- Sophie Yip will play Joey.

Credits to Hyn5

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