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[Upcoming TVB Drama] Life on the Line 跳躍生命線
[Upcoming TVB Drama] Life on the Line 跳躍生命線
Genre: Medical drama
Cast: Joe Ma, Matthew Ho, Moon Lau, Jeannie Chan, Kelly Cheung, Bob Cheung, Arnold Kwok, Willie Wai, Joey Law, Pinky Cheung, Lee Shing-cheong, Helena Law, Susan Tse
Watch Online: 
- The content revolves around the profession of ambulancemen, as well as the circumstances surrounding being called to rescue the injured and to help those in distress, and the race against time.

- There will be many different cases.

- Joe Ma will play a Senior Ambulanceman. He is rather strict, is serious in his job, takes care of his family, and is loyal in love. He does a lot of things by the book. The story begins with his wife having already passed away from a car accident, which changes his life, and he becomes even more strict about everything. He and Kelly Cheung have a subtle relationship; they are initially confidants, later slowly developing into feelings, and then feeling that he cannot let her go.

- Matthew Ho will play Cheuk Ka Kit (卓家傑), who is initially a bus driver but later becomes a hot-blooded ambulanceman. He and his younger brother, Joey Law, have aspired to be ambulancemen since they were young. He is more impulsive and hot-blooded, does things that he feels are right, does not think about the consequences. He is studying to become an ambulanceman, so he will first go to the academy and finish training before officially joining the bureau and working. Later, he gains a greater understanding of rescue knowledge, and also encounters difficulties. He makes a lot of mistakes, so he always gets yelled at by Joey, since he is of a higher rank. Fortunately, he gets the help of his boss, Joe, becoming a professional who is able to calmly handle emergency situations in the end. He and Moon Lau are a bickering pair. He has some good friends, Arnold Kwok and Bob Cheung, who are also ambulancemen. He has many scenes with Jeannie Chan.

- Moon will play Cheung Ho Kei (章可祈), a motorcycle ambulancewoman who is the first on the scene. She and William Chak are a couple who grew up together. She and Jeannie are good friends. Joe is her brother-in-law.

- Jeannie will play Heung Mun Yuet (向滿月), a nurse. She is Joey's love interest, with her taking the initiative. Helena Law is her paternal grandmother.

- Bob will play Lui Kim Hung (呂劍雄), an ambulanceman.

- Arnold will play Edwin Luk Ho Yin (陸昊然), an ambulanceman. He and Moon are a bickering pair.

- Joey will play Matthew's younger brother. Before doing anything, he would think about the consequences first. He is firm in what he does and definitely does his best, so there are many times when he is displeased with Matthew. When he was young, due to family issues, he and Matthew were in two separate places. They have had a good relationship ever since they were young. When they grow up, they both become ambulancemen, so they have an intriguing relationship. Because he has a higher education, he was immediately hired as a Probationary Ambulance Officer; thus, Joe is also his subordinate. He and Jeannie grew up together, later developing into a relationship.

- Kelly will play 「輝仔」, a garage mechanic with a straightforward personality. She returned to Hong Kong from overseas. She is rather tomboyish and likes to wander around, intending to work in Hong Kong for three months and then going to another place after saving enough money. She has gentle rich girl appearance, but she actually fixes car and is rather crude and carefree. She is Joe's girlfriend.

- Pinky Cheung will play Joe's elder sister. She is emotional and likes to go online. She is like a 'silly big sister'. She falls for people easily and always gets deceived by guys.

- Griselda Yeung will play a dumpling queen.

- Amigo Choi will play Law Ying Kai (羅應佳), an ambulanceman.

- Calvin Chan will play an ambulanceman.

- Daniel Chau will play an ambulanceman.

- Andy Wong will play Lee Tung Cho (李同祖).

- Alan Tam will play Liu Chan Wai (廖振威).

- Ngai Wai Man will play Esther Wan's husband.

- Jack Hui will guest-star, playing a couple with Jeannie.

- Thomas Ng will play an ambulanceman.

- Bianca Chan will play Joe's daughter.

- Ali Lee will guest-star as Joe's ex-wife. She is already deceased at the beginning of the series, but she will appear in flashbacks.
- Chung King Fai will guest-star as a barrister.
Credits to Hyn5

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