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[Upcoming TVB Drama] Jin Yi Building - 金宵大廈
[Upcoming TVB Drama] Jin Yi Building - 金宵大廈
Genre: Drama
Cast: Joel Chan, Selena Li, Kelly Cheung, Samantha Ko, Zoie Tam, Candice Chiu, Stefan Wong, Bob Cheung, Gloria Tang, Billy Luk, Geoffrey Albert Wong
Episode: 10

Watch Online:
More Info:
 The series will air on Sundays. There are ten two-hour case stories. Each case story has a main line linking the series, but there are science-fiction and fantastical elements. The main line is a story of the previous and present life, talking about dreams, allegories, natural forces, the Mandela effect, and UFOs. Each case has an independent story and its own unique characteristics of fantasy. There is a story about Hong Kong society's pursuit of female beauty, such as thinness and plastic surgery.
- The background of the series is a building with self-preservation abilities; the residents encounter different kinds of fantastical matters in response to the power that the building gives them. The series will use supernatural suspense to bring out all kinds of things that are encountered by citizens from all walks of life in today's society.
- Joel Chan will play 「阿蕭」, a security guard who links the series, bringing out the stories of different human emotions to reflect social issues. In the '60s, he is Lau Yuk Fai (劉旭輝), a gambling cop. He and Selena Li have an ill-fated love of the previous and present life that drags from the '60s to the modern times; they have many intimate scenes.
- Selena will play two characters: Alex, a flight attendant in the present life, and Coco, the enchanting madam of a brothel in the '60s. The two, who have different images, both captivate Joel, a security guard in the building in the present life.
- Kelly Cheung will play Cheung Hei Man (張曦雯), a star who likes to play video games. She is seen as a goddess. She has a romantic storyline with Jazz Lam. Jazz is her homebody fan; he likes her, so his cell phone does some things, which causes them to meet and brings them together, and some bizarre things happen. After encountering one another, they play online video games, and then slowly get immersed into the video game characters.
- Zoie Tam will play 「阿敏」, an accountant who cannot find a good romantic partner, so she comes to believe that sex can change her luck, eventually finding out what love is. She and Luk Wing were already dating during their school days; it is not until they enter the work force that they separate due to having different directions.
- Stefan Wong will play 「阿水哥」, a tour guide.
- Gloria Tang will play Wan Ching (溫晴). She and her father always have many arguments. Because of a certain matter, they end up having a huge argument. Later, many magical things happen.
- Samantha Ko will play an aggressive salesperson. She is an impatient person who always gets into arguments with her husband (played by Gary Chan), and finds that he is not ambitious enough. She is the mother of an eight-year-old son. She is a monster parent; in the process, many bizarre things happen, taking her son away. She has many crying scenes. Her story is about school children depression.
- Luk Wing will play 「蔡San」.
- Candice Chiu will play a nanny.
- Tammy Ou-Yang will play Mia Sam Heung Lin (沈香蓮), who has a rich and beautiful image, but she is actually a KOL who lives in a subdivided flat.
- Mark Ma will play Lee Ka Chun (李家俊), a person who is slightly stubborn and has principles. For many matters, he concedes, but he vents at home with his hands and his computer. In a secret space, he meets Tammy, which changes his thinking.
- Gary will play China-Hong Kong driver. Because he frequently goes up north, he marries Mainland woman Samantha.
- Bob Cheung will play Lam Yeuk Si (林若思), a novelist.
- Lee Ka Sing is both good and evil.
- Akina Hong will play a Chinese medicine practitioner. She is a hot older lady who teaches people many strange methods to dress up.
- Aurora Li will play a 'Hong Kong girl' who is greedy for money. Her words are crude and explicit.
- Mandy Wong will play a part-time girlfriend.
- Lin Xia Wei will guest-star as Lala Poon Do Lai (潘朵拉), her character in "Our Unwinding Ethos", for one scene.
Credits to Hyn5

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