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[Upcoming TVB Drama] The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady - 危城 First Lady
[Upcoming TVB Drama] The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady - 危城 First Lady
Genre: Period drama
Cast: Nadia Chan, Ben Wong, Alice Chan, Tsui Wing, Kaman Kong, Jeannie Chan, Dickson Yu, Gilbert Lam, Griselda Yeung, Joe Cheng
Episodes: 25
Watch Online:
More Info:
- 25 episodes long.
- The story takes place in the '20s and '30s, and is based on 'Jack the Ripper'.
- Nadia Chan will play Judy Fletcher (祖的費查), a First Lady who has a 'silly big sister' feeling; she is astute in big matters but confuses small matters. Her husband is a foreigner, but a bizarre murder occurs, and her husband also goes missing. She is originally an otherworldly upper-class lady who is really detached from reality; however, when her family is in straitened circumstances (her husband runs away because of some matter, and her residence in Central gets sealed), she goes from upper-class Central to lower-class Yau Ma Tei, where she reunites with her younger sister, Alice Chan, whom she had lost contact with for 20-plus years. She is forced to move into low-rent housing; however, despite living in a cabin, she still has to high tea and continue to dress nobly. On the first night of going from Central to Yau Ma Tei, she encounters a woman. That woman sees that Nadia's heel is wedged in a sewer, so she gives her shoes to Nadia; in the end, that woman is murdered, which is involved in a case similar to 'Jack the Ripper', which happened in London many years ago. The killer likes to target barefooted women, so Nadia feels responsible for that woman's death; thus, she takes care of that woman's daughter, Kaman Kong, bringing Kaman to live at the cabin. She is the female version of Sherlock Holmes, who always solves cases. She is originally very elegant, but in order to investigate cases, she dresses like a gentleman so that it is more convenient to chase. To solve a case, she cross-dresses to pursue Griselda Yeung, but Griselda mistakes her as a man and falls in love with her. She initially thinks of Yau Ma Tei as a filthy place but slowly finds humanity and things that she never discovered previously, and she develops a good relationship with her neighbours.
- Alice will play Pau Mui Tai (鮑妹娣), a landlady. She appears to be harsh but actually values love and friendship. She and Nadia are sisters, but they do not get along with one another, each having their resentments. She and Nadia used to have a good relationship, but because she married a gambler, she frequently asked Nadia to borrow money; however, Nadia felt that this was a bottomless pit, so she refused to lend her any more money. In the end, her husband dies while being hounded to pay his debt, so she feels that Nadia is indirectly related to her husband's death; because of this, the two formed a grudge. While Nadia is educated and excels at investigating cases, she was in Guangzhou and did not study much, but she is an upright person. She initially does work where she picks up dead bodies, even pawning the deceased's funerary objects to support her son. In between, she meets an old woman who gives her her property; thus, she becomes a landlady. When Nadia falls from grace, Ben Wong rents her place, and Nadia becomes one of her tenants, so she takes the opportunity to torment Nadia. She has a romantic storyline with Ben and Tsui Wing. Ben Wong is her first love, but her family opposed (Nadia felt that there was a difference in class, so Nadia broke them apart; thus, she got mad at Nadia), so she married someone else and had a child. Unfortunately, her husband is useless. Later, she meets Tsui Wing, but he is only with her because of his mother.
- Ben will play Kwan Yat Fu (關一夫). Nadia and Alice are from a well-off family, and he was their family butler. When the three re-encounter one another, he has gone from an elegant butler to a commoner, but he is still the third party involved in the sisters' disputes. He remains loyal to Nadia regardless of how low she falls. He greatly admires his saviour, Nadia, and even investigates cases with her. He is a widower who gets caught between Nadia and Alice. Although he is a loyal butler, he is hiding many things from Nadia, seeming to be in the process of some conspiracies....
- Tsui Wing will play Tik Tak Ying (狄德英), a Yau Ma Tei security guard who basically manages the city, as he is responsible for going on patrol, sounding the night watches, etc. He is paralyzed. He and Nadia have different investigative methods, but he finds her impressive, later even acknowledging her as his master. He likes Alice. His mother, Ching Ho Wai, is a fortuneteller, who figures that his and Alice's eight characters are extremely compatible, so she hopes to match them up; however, Alice still has feelings for Ben, even using Tsui Wing from time to time to rattle Ben.
- Kaman will play Ting Hiu Yiu (丁曉堯), a 16-year-old servant. She is a naive girl who washes people's clothes for a living. She is not really well-educated. At the cabin, she meets rickshaw driver Dickson Yu and gets captivated by his sunny personality, but he likes another girl at the cabin, which is Jeannie Chan.
- Jeannie will play Ngai So Ka (魏素嘉), an elegant painter during the day, but she has a part-time job at night as a high-ranked hostess in which she takes off her clothes.
- Dickson Yu will play Yau Chi (游池), who belongs to the rather poor group of Yau Ma Tei people. To find his father, he works many part-time jobs, which includes pulling rickshaws, emptying night soil, and meeting girls. He gets caught between Kaman and Jeannie.
- Gilbert Lam will play Kiu Pak Chuen, who is the bridge of communication between the foreigners and the Chinese. He helps a lot of Chinese people. He adopts Jeannie and trains her to do secretive things that cannot be divulged. He is the boss behind Jeannie's night-time job. He is a villain. 
- Griselda will play Chiu Fan Nam Sin (焦范南茜), an upper-class lady. She and Nadia are initially rivals; she tramples on Nadia when she falls, but she later likes her.
- Joe Tay will play 「陰私財」, the detestable boss of a funeral home. He is the rich third generation of the funeral business, taking over his family's funeral business. He has an extremely wealthy appearance.
- Angelina Lo will play Joe's mother.
- Ching Ho Wai is like a woman who uses rice for talking with the spirits. She figures that her son, Tsui Wing, has a tough life, so he has to match up with a woman with a tough life, which is Alice.
- Chan Wing Chun will play a shepherd.
- Jarryd Tam will play Cheung Si Man (張仕文).
- Burmie Wong will play Yiu Yat Sam (姚一心), a flirtatious woman.
- Ngai Wai Man will play a security guard.
- Tony Yee will play a security guard.
- Leo Kwan will play a security guard.
- Kelvin Lee will play Poon Cheung (潘章), a security guard.
- David Do will play Pak Law Pat (白羅拔).
- Lisa Ch'ng will play Pak Mau Tan (白牡丹), a famous prostitute. She is arrogant and rather refined.
- Helen Ng will play a woman in charge of a brothel.
- Gary Chan will play a good doctor.
- Gary Tam will play 「阿仁」.
- Keith Mok will play a loan shark.
- Kinlas Chan will play a coolie who takes opium.
- Brian Thomas Burrell will play Nadia's husband.
Credits to hyn5

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