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[Upcoming TVB Drama] Big Coalition of Maids 丫鬟大聯盟
[Upcoming TVB Drama] Big Coalition of Maids - 丫鬟大聯盟
Genre: Historical period comical drama
Cast: Tony Hung, Jacqueline Wong, Roxanne Tong, Brian Tse, Lisa Lau, Pat Poon, Florence Kwok, Angie Cheong
Episodes: 15
Watch Online:
More Info:
- 15 episodes long.
- Tony Hung will play Kau Kei Chun (裘其進), a charming young master who is rather clever and cynical. He seems like a player on the outside, but he is very loyal on the inside, and he is very talented. He likes to study zippers, buckles, fairies from the wonderland, and literature.
- Jacqueline Wong will play Yuet Ying (月盈), the leader of the maids. She has a strong personality and is clever. She knows how to make money, as well as help her sisters make money. She is rather cheerful. She and Roxanne Tong are initially on bad terms; however, in the middle of the series, she discovers Roxanne's real personality, and they slowly reconcile. She and Tony Hung are a bickering pair; they begin with an underground relationship.
- Roxanne will play Yuet Kau (月皎), a maid. She and Brian Tse were already a couple when they were younger, and they were supposed to marry once he became the top scholar, but in the middle, she becomes a maid, while he gets tempted.
- Brian will play Fu Yau Wai (傅有為), a poor scholar.
- Timothy Cheng has two wives, Florence Kwok and Angie Cheong, but he is still eyeing the maids.
- Lisa Lau will play Fok Yin Ching (霍燕貞), the mean, lustful, and disobedient eldest daughter of an affluent family. She disobeys her father, Poon Chi Man, and even hits him. She acts like a noble lady in front of her father, but salivates upon seeing the male servants and the opposite sex. There is a scene where she tries to give Brian an aphrodisiac to enchant him.
- Hebe Chan will play Tung Heung (桐香), a maid who knows kung fu.
- Meini Cheung will play Ng Seung (五常), a maid.
- Lisa Ch'ng will play Yuet Lan (月蘭), a maid at the residence of Timothy, Florence, and Angie.
- Katherine Ho will play Chan Chu (珍珠), a maid.
- Snowy Bai will play Siu Yan (小恩), a maid who follows Lisa Lau and always gets yelled at by her.
- Ice Chow will play Mei Choi (美彩), a maid.
- Clare Chan will play Lai Sui (麗水).
- Gary Tam will play Sung Man Tang (宋晚燈).
- Chun Kai Wai will play the editor of the Seoul Press.
- Michael Wai will play Man Kui Yan (萬舉人). He, Tony Hung, and Brian are classmates taking the imperial examination together.
- Moses Cheng will play Bat Kui Yan (畢舉人).
- Derek Wong will play Chukot Chai (諸葛齊), a mean butler.
- Kate Tsang will play an ugly married woman who has a big birth mark on her face.
Credits to Hyn5

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