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[Upcoming TVB Drama] Fist Fight - 兄弟
[Upcoming TVB Drama] Fist Fight - 兄弟
Genre: Crime thriller, Action
Cast: Vincent Wong, Mat Yeung, Philip Ng, Rebecca Zhu, Kaman Kong, Tiffany Lau, Shek Sau, Gilbert Lam, Toby Chan, Jack Hui
Episode: 30
Release: November 12th 2018
- There will be location filming in England and the Philippines.
- Vincent Wong, Philip Ng, and Mat Yeung will play biological brothers who have been separated from each other and have lost in touch with each other for many years. Because of 1997's financial crisis, the three went their separate ways. After they grow up, they reunite but discover the reason that their family was broken apart, which is hiding a great conspiracy.... Although the three brothers did not grow up together, they have a special telepathy.
- Vincent Wong will play Cheung Fei Fan (張非凡), a successful KOL. He is basically an Internet personality. He is able to dabble in many different things. For example, in his online world, he can teach boxing, film movies and series, and even get involved in a security company. He has a high income, so he has hired many bodyguards to protect himself, in which Kaman Wong is one of them. He vents on Kaman, using her as his punching bag, and later developing into a romantic storyline. He uses Kaman's love for money to constantly test her limit. He, Philip, and Mat have telepathic abilities. He does not know how to box, but when he encounters a crisis, he receives Philip's boxing ability so that he knows how to handle the crisis. His family is very talented in boxing; however, because boxing caused their family to encounter many calamities, they did not box when it came to the generation of Vincent Wong and Philip. However, because there was the existence of these genes, it ends up in having to fight. He appears to be a KOL, but he actually uses the virtual world to deal with evil forces. He is Otto Chan's boss.
- Mat will play Ha Tin Hang (夏天行), the middle child. He did not have a blissful experience growing up in England. His experience cultivated him greatly, making his personality become quite special. He originally worked as a spy for the Secret Intelligence Service. To investigate his past, he secretly looked at national defense secrets, so he was fired. Later, he becomes a bodyguard at an international security company, having to go to the world's most dangerous places to protect some people. By chance, he goes to Hong Kong, so he takes the opportunity to investigate his past and look for his two brothers. He also has a special perspective on life and death. He has separate romantic entanglements with Rebecca Zhu and Tiffany Lau. He likes Tiffany, but she likes his elder brother, Philip.
- Philip will play Ho Tit Nam (何鐵男), a cop who is rather impulsive and clever. He excels in Western boxing. He originally really liked boxing, but because of some accidents, he stopped boxing. Later, he resumes the sport. He has a special perspective on good and evil, but he does not have a clear distinction between black and white. Although he has a rather fiery temper, he would certainly go through hell for his brothers; he is definitely a loyal person.
- Rebecca will play Yeung Ching Ching (楊青青), an Interpol. She has a tough personality and has a great sense of justice. When she was younger, her father passed away; her mother would tell her many stories about her father. Shek Sau brought her up and taught her everything, teaching her how to train herself and to become a better her, eventually becoming an Interpol and meeting Philip. Her father had a close relationship with Vincent Wong's family in the past, but she did know about this. Before her father passed away, he took in the three brothers, and it was because of her father that the brothers end up being separated from one another. After she grows up, she works hard to become a good cop, but she later discovers that her father had a unspeakable secret. Although she has many conflicts with Vincent Wong and the brothers, in the end, together, they dig into this truth that has been hidden for a long time. When she grows up, she becomes a cop and discovers that her father's death is related to Shek Sau, the big shot behind the scenes. She has a romantic storyline with Philip.
- Kaman will play Sitting Ma Si Ting (馬斯婷), who is originally a security guard, but Mat later discovers that she has some strengths, so he hires her to be Vincent Wong's personal bodyguard. She was also a victim of the financial crisis. She was born rich and had a comfortable life, but because of the financial crisis, her family ended up having nothing at all; this experience made her realize that she had to work from the bottom, and because of some reasons, she chooses the security industry. Lily Leung is her paternal grandmother.
- Tiffany will play Chan Ling (陳鈴), a 21-year-old boxer. She is a Western boxing coach. Her father (played by Savio Tsang) is a butcher who sent her overseas to study, but she ended up falling in love with boxing; however, later, because of some reasons, she could no longer box, so she returns to Hong Kong. Later, she boxes with Philip and Mat, and ends up training Philip in boxing. She is very hot-blooded. She not only treats boxing as a sport, but it is also her life goal. She encounters many big setbacks in the process, but she will also face them with optimism. She has a slight romantic storyline with Philip and Mat.
- Toby Chan will play a bodyguard who is the best fighter. Her boss is Mat. She is always partnered with Quinn Ho. She does not talk much, as she mostly fights.
- Shek Sau has two identities: the Vice President of the Monetary Authority in the earlier portion and today's media tycoon. He actually single-handedly caused the unpleasant matter that the three brothers' father encountered. After all the things that he has done is discovered by the three brothers, they slowly distance themselves from him, slowly exposing even more of his other matters.
- Albert Cheung will play Vincent Wong's adoptive father.
- Lily will play an old woman who always has to be pretty.
- Rosanne Lui will play Philip's godmother. She used to sing for a living at Temple Street.
- Jack Hui will play Double Yu Tak Po (余德寶).
- Amigo Choi will play a Chinese Filipino boxer.
- Lena Li will play Chun Wong's personal bodyguard and secretary. She is a good fighter.
- Chloe Nguyen will play a clever bodyguard who uses her beauty to protect Chun Wong. She is a villain.
- Snowy Bai will play a bodyguard who uses her beauty to protect Chun Wong. She is a villain.
- Fei Wu will play a professional Korean boxer.
- Sophie Yip will play Zita.
Credits To Hyn5

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