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[Upcoming TVB Drama] Good Days - 好日子
[Upcoming TVB Drama] Good Days - 好日子
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 20
Cast: Ben Wong, Alice Chan, Max Cheung, Stephanie Che, William Chak, Jessica Kan
Release: n/a
More Information:
- There will be location filming in Yuen Long.
- Due to a matter that happened many years ago, Max Cheung leaves far away from his hometown in hopes of getting rid of the chains of his memories. Thirty years later, how does he, who has returned to the starting point, face the insiders, Alice Chan and Ben Wong, from back then?
- The matter that happened 30 years ago is revealed in the fourth episode. Back then, Max, who is the village head's son, was a paragon of virtue and learning, and he had no flaws at all. On the other hand, Ben's father died due to drug trafficking in the Netherlands, and he was very mischievous, so the entire village looked down on him; because of this, he was frequently in a boys' home. The two were good friends though. When they were 12 or 13 years old, their younger maternal cousin from Mainland, Alice, came to Hong Kong. The two both liked her, but she liked Max. They frequently hung out with Alice. One day, they stole the Father's alcohol to drink, and Max and Alice, who liked each other, ended up sleeping with each other. Max was very afraid after sobering up; he knew that he had done something wrong, so he left far away from his hometown. Ben knew the occurrence of this matter, but he was scared that his good friend, Max, would go to jail because of this, so he took responsibility for this in his place. In these 30 years, only the three of them know the truth of this matter.
- Ben will play a teacher.
- Alice will play an elementary school principal.
- Max will play Chai Man Sek (齊萬碩). He and Stephanie Che are a married couple; Arnold Kwok is their 21-year-old son. He went to Australia after running away from home. While working through school, he met the boss of a vineyard. The boss saw that he was quite well-behaved, and his daughter, Stephanie, also liked him, so he married off his daughter to him. Since then, Max has managed a red wine business in Australia. Because Max has always been unwilling to mention his matters before he was 17 years old, his son, Arnold, specially goes to Hong Kong in hopes to understand his father's past. In the end, because his son gets injured in Hong Kong, Max and Stephanie have to return to Hong Kong to visit their son. Stephanie ends up likeing this place, so Max is left with no choice but to stay in Hong Kong. Because of this, that matter that he is unwilling to mention gradually gets revealed.
- William Chak will play an accountant with a grounded personality. He is not a villager, but the grandmother who raised him is a villager, so he always goes back to help the village with accounting. He does not want to follow in his father's footsteps, so he has always not wanted to date. He is Ben's adopted son. His father was Ben's good underworld friend who mistakenly killed his wife during an argument; before going to jail, he entrusts his son to Ben, hoping that Ben is able to help take care of his son. Because Ben is busy with work, he is left with no choice but to entrust William in the care of his mother, who lives in the village. Although Ben is an unpopular figure in the village, William is very popular and is also well-behaved.
- Arnold was born and studied in Australia, but 21 years later, he goes to Hong Kong because of his curiosity about his father's background. There, he meets William, Jessica Kan, and Stitch Yu, and they start an organic farm together. Jessica is his aunt (i.e., his paternal grandfather's youngest daughter).
- Jessica will play a rookie accountant. She is the village head's youngest daughter. Her elder brother ran away from home, so her father tried for another son but ended up having her; thus, she has a tomboyish personality. She has a crush on William, but he is not interested in her. She is the aunt of Arnold and Stitch.
- Stitch will play a Hong Kong person who has gone to Taiwan to study since she was young; thus, she has a Taiwanese accent when speaking Cantonese. She is Arnold's younger maternal cousin.
- Gigi Wong will play the village head's wife. The family's only son, Max, ran away from home; thus, there are hopes of having another son, but she ends up having daughter Jessica.
- Lily Leung will play Gigi's mother.
- Poon Fong Fong will play Alice's teacher who is suffering from an illness.

Credits to Hyn5

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