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  [Upcoming TVB Drama] Jin Yi Building - 金宵大廈
Posted by: DramaCorner - 10-29-2018, 11:22 PM - Forum: TVB - No Replies

[Upcoming TVB Drama] Jin Yi Building - 金宵大廈
Genre: Drama
Cast: Joel Chan, Selena Li, Kelly Cheung, Samantha Ko, Zoie Tam, Candice Chiu, Stefan Wong, Bob Cheung, Gloria Tang, Billy Luk, Geoffrey Albert Wong
Episode: 10

Watch Online:
More Info:
 The series will air on Sundays. There are ten two-hour case stories. Each case story has a main line linking the series, but there are science-fiction and fantastical elements. The main line is a story of the previous and present life, talking about dreams, allegories, natural forces, the Mandela effect, and UFOs. Each case has an independent story and its own unique characteristics of fantasy. There is a story about Hong Kong society's pursuit of female beauty, such as thinness and plastic surgery.
- The background of the series is a building with self-preservation abilities; the residents encounter different kinds of fantastical matters in response to the power that the building gives them. The series will use supernatural suspense to bring out all kinds of things that are encountered by citizens from all walks of life in today's society.
- Joel Chan will play 「阿蕭」, a security guard who links the series, bringing out the stories of different human emotions to reflect social issues. In the '60s, he is Lau Yuk Fai (劉旭輝), a gambling cop. He and Selena Li have an ill-fated love of the previous and present life that drags from the '60s to the modern times; they have many intimate scenes.
- Selena will play two characters: Alex, a flight attendant in the present life, and Coco, the enchanting madam of a brothel in the '60s. The two, who have different images, both captivate Joel, a security guard in the building in the present life.
- Kelly Cheung will play Cheung Hei Man (張曦雯), a star who likes to play video games. She is seen as a goddess. She has a romantic storyline with Jazz Lam. Jazz is her homebody fan; he likes her, so his cell phone does some things, which causes them to meet and brings them together, and some bizarre things happen. After encountering one another, they play online video games, and then slowly get immersed into the video game characters.
- Zoie Tam will play 「阿敏」, an accountant who cannot find a good romantic partner, so she comes to believe that sex can change her luck, eventually finding out what love is. She and Luk Wing were already dating during their school days; it is not until they enter the work force that they separate due to having different directions.
- Stefan Wong will play 「阿水哥」, a tour guide.
- Gloria Tang will play Wan Ching (溫晴). She and her father always have many arguments. Because of a certain matter, they end up having a huge argument. Later, many magical things happen.
- Samantha Ko will play an aggressive salesperson. She is an impatient person who always gets into arguments with her husband (played by Gary Chan), and finds that he is not ambitious enough. She is the mother of an eight-year-old son. She is a monster parent; in the process, many bizarre things happen, taking her son away. She has many crying scenes. Her story is about school children depression.
- Luk Wing will play 「蔡San」.
- Candice Chiu will play a nanny.
- Tammy Ou-Yang will play Mia Sam Heung Lin (沈香蓮), who has a rich and beautiful image, but she is actually a KOL who lives in a subdivided flat.
- Mark Ma will play Lee Ka Chun (李家俊), a person who is slightly stubborn and has principles. For many matters, he concedes, but he vents at home with his hands and his computer. In a secret space, he meets Tammy, which changes his thinking.
- Gary will play China-Hong Kong driver. Because he frequently goes up north, he marries Mainland woman Samantha.
- Bob Cheung will play Lam Yeuk Si (林若思), a novelist.
- Lee Ka Sing is both good and evil.
- Akina Hong will play a Chinese medicine practitioner. She is a hot older lady who teaches people many strange methods to dress up.
- Aurora Li will play a 'Hong Kong girl' who is greedy for money. Her words are crude and explicit.
- Mandy Wong will play a part-time girlfriend.
- Lin Xia Wei will guest-star as Lala Poon Do Lai (潘朵拉), her character in "Our Unwinding Ethos", for one scene.
Credits to Hyn5

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  [Upcoming TVB Drama] The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady - 危城 First Lady
Posted by: DramaCorner - 10-29-2018, 11:20 PM - Forum: TVB - No Replies

[Upcoming TVB Drama] The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady - 危城 First Lady
Genre: Period drama
Cast: Nadia Chan, Ben Wong, Alice Chan, Tsui Wing, Kaman Kong, Jeannie Chan, Dickson Yu, Gilbert Lam, Griselda Yeung, Joe Cheng
Episodes: 25
Watch Online:
More Info:
- 25 episodes long.
- The story takes place in the '20s and '30s, and is based on 'Jack the Ripper'.
- Nadia Chan will play Judy Fletcher (祖的費查), a First Lady who has a 'silly big sister' feeling; she is astute in big matters but confuses small matters. Her husband is a foreigner, but a bizarre murder occurs, and her husband also goes missing. She is originally an otherworldly upper-class lady who is really detached from reality; however, when her family is in straitened circumstances (her husband runs away because of some matter, and her residence in Central gets sealed), she goes from upper-class Central to lower-class Yau Ma Tei, where she reunites with her younger sister, Alice Chan, whom she had lost contact with for 20-plus years. She is forced to move into low-rent housing; however, despite living in a cabin, she still has to high tea and continue to dress nobly. On the first night of going from Central to Yau Ma Tei, she encounters a woman. That woman sees that Nadia's heel is wedged in a sewer, so she gives her shoes to Nadia; in the end, that woman is murdered, which is involved in a case similar to 'Jack the Ripper', which happened in London many years ago. The killer likes to target barefooted women, so Nadia feels responsible for that woman's death; thus, she takes care of that woman's daughter, Kaman Kong, bringing Kaman to live at the cabin. She is the female version of Sherlock Holmes, who always solves cases. She is originally very elegant, but in order to investigate cases, she dresses like a gentleman so that it is more convenient to chase. To solve a case, she cross-dresses to pursue Griselda Yeung, but Griselda mistakes her as a man and falls in love with her. She initially thinks of Yau Ma Tei as a filthy place but slowly finds humanity and things that she never discovered previously, and she develops a good relationship with her neighbours.
- Alice will play Pau Mui Tai (鮑妹娣), a landlady. She appears to be harsh but actually values love and friendship. She and Nadia are sisters, but they do not get along with one another, each having their resentments. She and Nadia used to have a good relationship, but because she married a gambler, she frequently asked Nadia to borrow money; however, Nadia felt that this was a bottomless pit, so she refused to lend her any more money. In the end, her husband dies while being hounded to pay his debt, so she feels that Nadia is indirectly related to her husband's death; because of this, the two formed a grudge. While Nadia is educated and excels at investigating cases, she was in Guangzhou and did not study much, but she is an upright person. She initially does work where she picks up dead bodies, even pawning the deceased's funerary objects to support her son. In between, she meets an old woman who gives her her property; thus, she becomes a landlady. When Nadia falls from grace, Ben Wong rents her place, and Nadia becomes one of her tenants, so she takes the opportunity to torment Nadia. She has a romantic storyline with Ben and Tsui Wing. Ben Wong is her first love, but her family opposed (Nadia felt that there was a difference in class, so Nadia broke them apart; thus, she got mad at Nadia), so she married someone else and had a child. Unfortunately, her husband is useless. Later, she meets Tsui Wing, but he is only with her because of his mother.
- Ben will play Kwan Yat Fu (關一夫). Nadia and Alice are from a well-off family, and he was their family butler. When the three re-encounter one another, he has gone from an elegant butler to a commoner, but he is still the third party involved in the sisters' disputes. He remains loyal to Nadia regardless of how low she falls. He greatly admires his saviour, Nadia, and even investigates cases with her. He is a widower who gets caught between Nadia and Alice. Although he is a loyal butler, he is hiding many things from Nadia, seeming to be in the process of some conspiracies....
- Tsui Wing will play Tik Tak Ying (狄德英), a Yau Ma Tei security guard who basically manages the city, as he is responsible for going on patrol, sounding the night watches, etc. He is paralyzed. He and Nadia have different investigative methods, but he finds her impressive, later even acknowledging her as his master. He likes Alice. His mother, Ching Ho Wai, is a fortuneteller, who figures that his and Alice's eight characters are extremely compatible, so she hopes to match them up; however, Alice still has feelings for Ben, even using Tsui Wing from time to time to rattle Ben.
- Kaman will play Ting Hiu Yiu (丁曉堯), a 16-year-old servant. She is a naive girl who washes people's clothes for a living. She is not really well-educated. At the cabin, she meets rickshaw driver Dickson Yu and gets captivated by his sunny personality, but he likes another girl at the cabin, which is Jeannie Chan.
- Jeannie will play Ngai So Ka (魏素嘉), an elegant painter during the day, but she has a part-time job at night as a high-ranked hostess in which she takes off her clothes.
- Dickson Yu will play Yau Chi (游池), who belongs to the rather poor group of Yau Ma Tei people. To find his father, he works many part-time jobs, which includes pulling rickshaws, emptying night soil, and meeting girls. He gets caught between Kaman and Jeannie.
- Gilbert Lam will play Kiu Pak Chuen, who is the bridge of communication between the foreigners and the Chinese. He helps a lot of Chinese people. He adopts Jeannie and trains her to do secretive things that cannot be divulged. He is the boss behind Jeannie's night-time job. He is a villain. 
- Griselda will play Chiu Fan Nam Sin (焦范南茜), an upper-class lady. She and Nadia are initially rivals; she tramples on Nadia when she falls, but she later likes her.
- Joe Tay will play 「陰私財」, the detestable boss of a funeral home. He is the rich third generation of the funeral business, taking over his family's funeral business. He has an extremely wealthy appearance.
- Angelina Lo will play Joe's mother.
- Ching Ho Wai is like a woman who uses rice for talking with the spirits. She figures that her son, Tsui Wing, has a tough life, so he has to match up with a woman with a tough life, which is Alice.
- Chan Wing Chun will play a shepherd.
- Jarryd Tam will play Cheung Si Man (張仕文).
- Burmie Wong will play Yiu Yat Sam (姚一心), a flirtatious woman.
- Ngai Wai Man will play a security guard.
- Tony Yee will play a security guard.
- Leo Kwan will play a security guard.
- Kelvin Lee will play Poon Cheung (潘章), a security guard.
- David Do will play Pak Law Pat (白羅拔).
- Lisa Ch'ng will play Pak Mau Tan (白牡丹), a famous prostitute. She is arrogant and rather refined.
- Helen Ng will play a woman in charge of a brothel.
- Gary Chan will play a good doctor.
- Gary Tam will play 「阿仁」.
- Keith Mok will play a loan shark.
- Kinlas Chan will play a coolie who takes opium.
- Brian Thomas Burrell will play Nadia's husband.
Credits to hyn5

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  [Upcoming TVB Drama] Big Coalition of Maids 丫鬟大聯盟
Posted by: DramaCorner - 10-29-2018, 11:18 PM - Forum: TVB - No Replies

[Upcoming TVB Drama] Big Coalition of Maids - 丫鬟大聯盟
Genre: Historical period comical drama
Cast: Tony Hung, Jacqueline Wong, Roxanne Tong, Brian Tse, Lisa Lau, Pat Poon, Florence Kwok, Angie Cheong
Episodes: 15
Watch Online:
More Info:
- 15 episodes long.
- Tony Hung will play Kau Kei Chun (裘其進), a charming young master who is rather clever and cynical. He seems like a player on the outside, but he is very loyal on the inside, and he is very talented. He likes to study zippers, buckles, fairies from the wonderland, and literature.
- Jacqueline Wong will play Yuet Ying (月盈), the leader of the maids. She has a strong personality and is clever. She knows how to make money, as well as help her sisters make money. She is rather cheerful. She and Roxanne Tong are initially on bad terms; however, in the middle of the series, she discovers Roxanne's real personality, and they slowly reconcile. She and Tony Hung are a bickering pair; they begin with an underground relationship.
- Roxanne will play Yuet Kau (月皎), a maid. She and Brian Tse were already a couple when they were younger, and they were supposed to marry once he became the top scholar, but in the middle, she becomes a maid, while he gets tempted.
- Brian will play Fu Yau Wai (傅有為), a poor scholar.
- Timothy Cheng has two wives, Florence Kwok and Angie Cheong, but he is still eyeing the maids.
- Lisa Lau will play Fok Yin Ching (霍燕貞), the mean, lustful, and disobedient eldest daughter of an affluent family. She disobeys her father, Poon Chi Man, and even hits him. She acts like a noble lady in front of her father, but salivates upon seeing the male servants and the opposite sex. There is a scene where she tries to give Brian an aphrodisiac to enchant him.
- Hebe Chan will play Tung Heung (桐香), a maid who knows kung fu.
- Meini Cheung will play Ng Seung (五常), a maid.
- Lisa Ch'ng will play Yuet Lan (月蘭), a maid at the residence of Timothy, Florence, and Angie.
- Katherine Ho will play Chan Chu (珍珠), a maid.
- Snowy Bai will play Siu Yan (小恩), a maid who follows Lisa Lau and always gets yelled at by her.
- Ice Chow will play Mei Choi (美彩), a maid.
- Clare Chan will play Lai Sui (麗水).
- Gary Tam will play Sung Man Tang (宋晚燈).
- Chun Kai Wai will play the editor of the Seoul Press.
- Michael Wai will play Man Kui Yan (萬舉人). He, Tony Hung, and Brian are classmates taking the imperial examination together.
- Moses Cheng will play Bat Kui Yan (畢舉人).
- Derek Wong will play Chukot Chai (諸葛齊), a mean butler.
- Kate Tsang will play an ugly married woman who has a big birth mark on her face.
Credits to Hyn5

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  [Upcoming TVB Drama] Justice Bao: The First Year 包青天風雲再起
Posted by: DramaCorner - 10-29-2018, 11:17 PM - Forum: TVB - No Replies

[Upcoming TVB Drama] Justice Bao: The First Year 包青天風雲再起
Genre: Historical Period drama, Mystery
Cast: Shaun Tam, Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu, Raymond Cho, Owen Cheung, Grace Chan, Katy Kung, Kelly Fu, Roxanne Tong, Jonathan Cheung, Susan Tse, Rosanne Lui, KK Cheung, Fung So-bor, Carlo Ng, Andrew Yuen Man-kit
Episodes: 30
Watch Online:
More Info:
- 30 episodes long.
- In March, there will be location filming in Hengdian for over a month, and then Xinjiang for approximately ten days.
- The story is more modernized and lighthearted. There are eight cases.
- Shaun Tam will play Bao Zheng (包拯), the younger version of Justice Bao.
- Raymond Cho will play Gongsun Ce (公孫策). His portrayal will be more lighthearted.
- Nancy Wu will play Yun Qianyu (雲千羽), Kaifeng's first female lawyer who is well-versed in literary and martial skills. She falls in love with Shaun, while Raymond has a crush on her.
- Elaine Yiu will play Ji Niannian (紀念念), a girl from a different clan. She has two identities: one is a servant. Later, she becomes Kaifeng's coroner, helping Shaun investigate cases. Before she became a coroner, Nancy rescued her; they have a sisterly bond. She and Nancy will work together in investigating and solving cases. She and Shaun develop feelings for each other while investigating cases together, becoming his wife in the end.
- Grace Chan will play a foreign princess. She is the founder of a religion; she is a 90-year-old grandmother but has the body of a young girl.
- Owen Cheung will play Zhan Zhao (展昭).
- Jack Wu will play a villainous alchemist.
- Kelly Fu will play Tang Xiaochen (湯曉晨), a sumo wrestler who starts to wrestle because the brothel has a wrestling match in which the winner receives a million silver taels. She has three romantic storylines. She has a romantic storyline with Owen and Cheung Wing Hong.
- May Chan will play a wrestler.
- Sammi Cheung will play a wrestler.
- Hugo Wong will play Chen Shimei (陳世美).
- Katy Kung will play Qin Xianglian (秦香蓮), Hugo's wife. She will appear for five episodes.
- Cheung Wing Hong will play Zhao Zhen (趙禎).
- Susan Tse will play a miracle-working doctor.
- KK Cheung will play Nancy's father. He has a red face but a black heart.
- Carlo Ng will play a character with Dissociative Identity Disorder. He is in the 'Flower Butterfly' (花蝴蝶) case.
- Harriet Yeung will play Ruan Chusi (阮初四), Shaun's fiancée.
- Yoyo Chen will play Shui Linglong (水玲瓏), who seems to be the boss lady of a brothel on the surface; however, behind the scenes, she is actually a heroine or a spy. She has to fight.
- Bob Cheung will play Song Dongcheng (桑東城). Zoie Tam is his sister-in-law (i.e., the wife of his elder brother), but his elder brother has already passed away; Zoie was the one who brought him up.
- Zoie will take part in the 'Black Basin' (烏盆) case.
- Momo Wu will play Gaochang Princess Huochi Haer (火赤哈兒), who is in the first case.
- Oscar Li will play Wang Zhao (王朝), one of the four enforcers.
- Alan Tam will play Ma Han (馬漢), one of the four enforcers.
- Jonathan Lee will play Zhang Long (張龍), one of the four enforcers.
- Darren Wong will play Zhao Hu (趙虎), one of the four enforcers.
- Jimmy Au will play General Tie Feiyang (鐵飛揚).
- Ho Yuen Tung will play the son of Law Lok Lam and Candy Man.
- Aliya Fan will play Tie Hehua (鐵荷花), a brothel woman.
- Hebe Chan will play a brothel woman.
- Sophie Yip will play Lu Feicui (陸翡翠).
- Frankie Choi has a romance with Sammi, but he later dies.
Credits to Hyn5

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  [Upcoming TVB Drama] Fist Fight - 兄弟
Posted by: DramaCorner - 10-26-2018, 09:19 PM - Forum: TVB - No Replies

[Upcoming TVB Drama] Fist Fight - 兄弟
Genre: Crime thriller, Action
Cast: Vincent Wong, Mat Yeung, Philip Ng, Rebecca Zhu, Kaman Kong, Tiffany Lau, Shek Sau, Gilbert Lam, Toby Chan, Jack Hui
Episode: 30
Release: November 12th 2018
- There will be location filming in England and the Philippines.
- Vincent Wong, Philip Ng, and Mat Yeung will play biological brothers who have been separated from each other and have lost in touch with each other for many years. Because of 1997's financial crisis, the three went their separate ways. After they grow up, they reunite but discover the reason that their family was broken apart, which is hiding a great conspiracy.... Although the three brothers did not grow up together, they have a special telepathy.
- Vincent Wong will play Cheung Fei Fan (張非凡), a successful KOL. He is basically an Internet personality. He is able to dabble in many different things. For example, in his online world, he can teach boxing, film movies and series, and even get involved in a security company. He has a high income, so he has hired many bodyguards to protect himself, in which Kaman Wong is one of them. He vents on Kaman, using her as his punching bag, and later developing into a romantic storyline. He uses Kaman's love for money to constantly test her limit. He, Philip, and Mat have telepathic abilities. He does not know how to box, but when he encounters a crisis, he receives Philip's boxing ability so that he knows how to handle the crisis. His family is very talented in boxing; however, because boxing caused their family to encounter many calamities, they did not box when it came to the generation of Vincent Wong and Philip. However, because there was the existence of these genes, it ends up in having to fight. He appears to be a KOL, but he actually uses the virtual world to deal with evil forces. He is Otto Chan's boss.
- Mat will play Ha Tin Hang (夏天行), the middle child. He did not have a blissful experience growing up in England. His experience cultivated him greatly, making his personality become quite special. He originally worked as a spy for the Secret Intelligence Service. To investigate his past, he secretly looked at national defense secrets, so he was fired. Later, he becomes a bodyguard at an international security company, having to go to the world's most dangerous places to protect some people. By chance, he goes to Hong Kong, so he takes the opportunity to investigate his past and look for his two brothers. He also has a special perspective on life and death. He has separate romantic entanglements with Rebecca Zhu and Tiffany Lau. He likes Tiffany, but she likes his elder brother, Philip.
- Philip will play Ho Tit Nam (何鐵男), a cop who is rather impulsive and clever. He excels in Western boxing. He originally really liked boxing, but because of some accidents, he stopped boxing. Later, he resumes the sport. He has a special perspective on good and evil, but he does not have a clear distinction between black and white. Although he has a rather fiery temper, he would certainly go through hell for his brothers; he is definitely a loyal person.
- Rebecca will play Yeung Ching Ching (楊青青), an Interpol. She has a tough personality and has a great sense of justice. When she was younger, her father passed away; her mother would tell her many stories about her father. Shek Sau brought her up and taught her everything, teaching her how to train herself and to become a better her, eventually becoming an Interpol and meeting Philip. Her father had a close relationship with Vincent Wong's family in the past, but she did know about this. Before her father passed away, he took in the three brothers, and it was because of her father that the brothers end up being separated from one another. After she grows up, she works hard to become a good cop, but she later discovers that her father had a unspeakable secret. Although she has many conflicts with Vincent Wong and the brothers, in the end, together, they dig into this truth that has been hidden for a long time. When she grows up, she becomes a cop and discovers that her father's death is related to Shek Sau, the big shot behind the scenes. She has a romantic storyline with Philip.
- Kaman will play Sitting Ma Si Ting (馬斯婷), who is originally a security guard, but Mat later discovers that she has some strengths, so he hires her to be Vincent Wong's personal bodyguard. She was also a victim of the financial crisis. She was born rich and had a comfortable life, but because of the financial crisis, her family ended up having nothing at all; this experience made her realize that she had to work from the bottom, and because of some reasons, she chooses the security industry. Lily Leung is her paternal grandmother.
- Tiffany will play Chan Ling (陳鈴), a 21-year-old boxer. She is a Western boxing coach. Her father (played by Savio Tsang) is a butcher who sent her overseas to study, but she ended up falling in love with boxing; however, later, because of some reasons, she could no longer box, so she returns to Hong Kong. Later, she boxes with Philip and Mat, and ends up training Philip in boxing. She is very hot-blooded. She not only treats boxing as a sport, but it is also her life goal. She encounters many big setbacks in the process, but she will also face them with optimism. She has a slight romantic storyline with Philip and Mat.
- Toby Chan will play a bodyguard who is the best fighter. Her boss is Mat. She is always partnered with Quinn Ho. She does not talk much, as she mostly fights.
- Shek Sau has two identities: the Vice President of the Monetary Authority in the earlier portion and today's media tycoon. He actually single-handedly caused the unpleasant matter that the three brothers' father encountered. After all the things that he has done is discovered by the three brothers, they slowly distance themselves from him, slowly exposing even more of his other matters.
- Albert Cheung will play Vincent Wong's adoptive father.
- Lily will play an old woman who always has to be pretty.
- Rosanne Lui will play Philip's godmother. She used to sing for a living at Temple Street.
- Jack Hui will play Double Yu Tak Po (余德寶).
- Amigo Choi will play a Chinese Filipino boxer.
- Lena Li will play Chun Wong's personal bodyguard and secretary. She is a good fighter.
- Chloe Nguyen will play a clever bodyguard who uses her beauty to protect Chun Wong. She is a villain.
- Snowy Bai will play a bodyguard who uses her beauty to protect Chun Wong. She is a villain.
- Fei Wu will play a professional Korean boxer.
- Sophie Yip will play Zita.
Credits To Hyn5

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  [Upcoming TVB Drama] Good Days - 好日子
Posted by: DramaCorner - 10-26-2018, 09:15 PM - Forum: TVB - No Replies

[Upcoming TVB Drama] Good Days - 好日子
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 20
Cast: Ben Wong, Alice Chan, Max Cheung, Stephanie Che, William Chak, Jessica Kan
Release: n/a
More Information:
- There will be location filming in Yuen Long.
- Due to a matter that happened many years ago, Max Cheung leaves far away from his hometown in hopes of getting rid of the chains of his memories. Thirty years later, how does he, who has returned to the starting point, face the insiders, Alice Chan and Ben Wong, from back then?
- The matter that happened 30 years ago is revealed in the fourth episode. Back then, Max, who is the village head's son, was a paragon of virtue and learning, and he had no flaws at all. On the other hand, Ben's father died due to drug trafficking in the Netherlands, and he was very mischievous, so the entire village looked down on him; because of this, he was frequently in a boys' home. The two were good friends though. When they were 12 or 13 years old, their younger maternal cousin from Mainland, Alice, came to Hong Kong. The two both liked her, but she liked Max. They frequently hung out with Alice. One day, they stole the Father's alcohol to drink, and Max and Alice, who liked each other, ended up sleeping with each other. Max was very afraid after sobering up; he knew that he had done something wrong, so he left far away from his hometown. Ben knew the occurrence of this matter, but he was scared that his good friend, Max, would go to jail because of this, so he took responsibility for this in his place. In these 30 years, only the three of them know the truth of this matter.
- Ben will play a teacher.
- Alice will play an elementary school principal.
- Max will play Chai Man Sek (齊萬碩). He and Stephanie Che are a married couple; Arnold Kwok is their 21-year-old son. He went to Australia after running away from home. While working through school, he met the boss of a vineyard. The boss saw that he was quite well-behaved, and his daughter, Stephanie, also liked him, so he married off his daughter to him. Since then, Max has managed a red wine business in Australia. Because Max has always been unwilling to mention his matters before he was 17 years old, his son, Arnold, specially goes to Hong Kong in hopes to understand his father's past. In the end, because his son gets injured in Hong Kong, Max and Stephanie have to return to Hong Kong to visit their son. Stephanie ends up likeing this place, so Max is left with no choice but to stay in Hong Kong. Because of this, that matter that he is unwilling to mention gradually gets revealed.
- William Chak will play an accountant with a grounded personality. He is not a villager, but the grandmother who raised him is a villager, so he always goes back to help the village with accounting. He does not want to follow in his father's footsteps, so he has always not wanted to date. He is Ben's adopted son. His father was Ben's good underworld friend who mistakenly killed his wife during an argument; before going to jail, he entrusts his son to Ben, hoping that Ben is able to help take care of his son. Because Ben is busy with work, he is left with no choice but to entrust William in the care of his mother, who lives in the village. Although Ben is an unpopular figure in the village, William is very popular and is also well-behaved.
- Arnold was born and studied in Australia, but 21 years later, he goes to Hong Kong because of his curiosity about his father's background. There, he meets William, Jessica Kan, and Stitch Yu, and they start an organic farm together. Jessica is his aunt (i.e., his paternal grandfather's youngest daughter).
- Jessica will play a rookie accountant. She is the village head's youngest daughter. Her elder brother ran away from home, so her father tried for another son but ended up having her; thus, she has a tomboyish personality. She has a crush on William, but he is not interested in her. She is the aunt of Arnold and Stitch.
- Stitch will play a Hong Kong person who has gone to Taiwan to study since she was young; thus, she has a Taiwanese accent when speaking Cantonese. She is Arnold's younger maternal cousin.
- Gigi Wong will play the village head's wife. The family's only son, Max, ran away from home; thus, there are hopes of having another son, but she ends up having daughter Jessica.
- Lily Leung will play Gigi's mother.
- Poon Fong Fong will play Alice's teacher who is suffering from an illness.

Credits to Hyn5

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  [Upcoming TVB Drama] Our Unwinding Ethos - 十二傳說
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[Upcoming TVB Drama] Our Unwinding Ethos - 十二傳說
A.k.a: Twelve Legends
Cast: Edwin Siu, Rosina Lam, Jonathan Cheung, Moon Lau, Angel Chiang, Lam Tsz-sin, Lau Kong, Eva Lai, Mary Hon, To Yin-gor, Jimmy Au, Kirby Lam, Hero Yuen
Watch Online:
More Info:
- 12 two-hour episodes, airing on Sundays @ 8:30pm.
- Lin Xia Wei, Cheung Wing Hong, and Edwin Siu will link the entire story.
- Edwin will play Fu Chi Pok (傅子博), a 'hea' reporter who unravels mysterious urban legends. He and Cheung Wing Hong already know each other because the relationship between reporters and cops is actually very close; they would either get information from the other or help each other. To investigate cases, he will also study folkloristics at the university, becoming Lin Xia Wei's student. He likes Moon Lau, but because she is very knowledgeable, having already won many reporter awards when she just entered the industry, he feels that he does not match up to her. There is a love triangle among him, Lin Xia Wei, and Moon.
- Lin Xia Wei will play Lala Poon Do Lai (潘朵拉), a folkloristics professor, using her study of legends to solve cases with Edwin and Cheung Wing Hong.
- Moon will play a reporter. She is Edwin's pupil; Edwin is both a mentor and a friend. She is also one of the main characters of the 'Bride Pool's Supernatural Incident' (新娘潭靈異事件). While shooting her wedding pictures at Bride's Pool, she bumps into a ghost. She even mysteriously disappears for an hour. In this case, Edwin finally uses love to move her into not marrying someone she does not like. After the wedding is called off, she continues being a reporter, investigating different cases with Edwin again. At this time, Lin Xia Wei has developed romantic feelings for Edwin after spending a lot of time together, creating a delicate triangular relationship.
- Angel Chiang will play Amelie Ku Pan Sin (顧盼倩), Jimmy Au's daughter. She, Alvis Lo, Calvin Chan, Kevin Tong, et al. will take part in the 'Undead Japanese Soldier Murder Incident' (日軍亡靈殺人事件). While doing a project at a ghost school, Kevin et al. get possessed by an undead Japanese soldier, using the top ten tortures on the students.
- Cheung Wing Hong will play a Senior Inspector of Police who believes in feng shui and ghosts. Even if the case has nothing to do with him, he will also join Edwin and Lin Xia Wei in cracking the case.
- Jazz Lam will play Dali Svaamee, a fortune teller who helps people change their fortune. He will get entangled among Kirby Lam, Tammy Ou-Yang, Kiko Leung, et al., taking part in the 'Seven Sworn Sisters Murder Incident' (七姊妹金蘭殺人事件), which is the seventh case.
- Lau Kong will play a villager of the New Territories who is very superstitious, which leads to many superstitious tragedies.
- Eva Lai will play a village girl who is considered a career woman in the village. She is a competent woman.
- Mary Hon will play the boss lady of a pawn shop. She is the mother of Jazz, Kirby, and Lin Xia Wei.
- To Yin Gor will play a folkloristics professor who has been confined for seven years. He is Edwin's father, and he is also Lin Xia Wei's teacher and has a close relationship with her.
- Jimmy will play Ku Joi Yung (顧在容,) a folkloristics scholar who appears to be an modest gentleman but is actually narrow-minded and scrupulous. He is Eva's ex-boyfriend.
- Kirby will play Poon Do Mei (潘朵美).
- Bobo Yeung will play Bili (苾), one of the seven sisters.
- Lulu Kai will play a panicky secretary of one of the departments at the university.
- David Do will play Kwok Chuen (國泉), a world-class painter. He is in the first case.
- Derek Wong will play Law Woon Ho (羅煥豪), a university professor who is loved by his female students. He is in the second legend: the university lotus pond story. Lin Xia Wei is his ex-girlfriend. Candice Chiu is his wife.
- Rachel Ching is in the second case.
- Tony Chiu is in the 'Wah Fu Estate UFO Incident' (華富邨UFO事件).
- Erin Wong will play Cheng Hiu Ying (鄭曉盈).
- Gordon Siu, Michael Wai, Angelina Lo, Poon Fong Fong, Erin, et al. will go to Macau to film the 'Luting Fish Murder Incident' (盧亭魚人殺人事).
- Gary Tam will play Lau Tai Yu (劉大宇), who is in the 'Eucalyptus Murder Incident' (榕樹精殺人事件).
- Leo Lee will play a rustic production assistant.
- Gloria Chan will play a television station artiste. She has a dark personality and will even kill someone.
- Vicky Chan will play a murderer.
- Desmond Pang will play Ho On Tung Nei (何安東尼), a singer.
- Kiko will play Hei (希), a cunning girl.
- Alvis Lo will play Dai Wai Hung (戴偉雄).
- Stephen Wong will play Au Yeung Kin (歐陽健).
- Ivan Yau will play Jackson Ng Ching San (吳精神).
- Yung Tin Yau will play a person whose facial nerves constantly twitch due to an accident. He has a romantic storyline with Moon.
- Lee Yee Man will play Pong Chi Mung (龐芷檬), who is in the 'Treasure Murder Incident' (寶藏殺人事件).
- Sophie Yip will play San (珊).
Credits to Hyn5

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  [Upcoming TVB Drama] The Offliners - 堅離地愛堅離地
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[Upcoming TVB Drama] The Offliners - 堅離地愛堅離地
a.k.a: Kennedy Vs Kennedy, Kennedy Loves Kennedy
Genre: Romantic comedy
Cast: Owen Cheung, Katy Kung, Jacqueline Wong, Jason Chan Chi-san, Moon Lau, Bowie Wu, Joseph Lee, Akina Hong, Rosanne Lui, Brian Tse, Karl Ting
Air Date: TBA

Watch Online
More Info:
- The series mainly wants to talk about the communication among people. A lot of the time, the younger generation feels that the previous generation's ideas are really detached from reality, and the previous generation also feels that this generation of people is really detached from reality. However, the series hopes that every generation loves one another so that there is less conflict and more love and tolerance.
- The entire series will be packaged with techtronics, which is the industry of innovation and technology, and will mainly be location filming at the Science Park.
- Owen Cheung will play Ting Sun Hei (丁信希), a computer homebody who likes to play video games. He does not like being touched by people, and he reacts upon being touched. He meets Katy Kung after joining the techtronics company started up by her and Jason Chan. He is also called 「希神」.
- Katy will play Wong Chi Fei (王子菲), an IT startup CEO. She is a rich second generation and is rather detached from reality. She does not care whether the company makes money, and she is also not calculative about life issues. She is a tomboy who likes engineering things. She even hopes to be able to use technology to change people's lives, so she encounters many difficulties on her path to starting a business. Owen will assist her on the side, accompanying her in going toward her dream. The two will go from being a bickering pair to appreciating one another, and even becoming a couple in the end.
- Jason is responsible for managing the company. To maintain the company, he would make choices that others believe to not be good ones. He is a bad guy. He is initially with Moon Lau, and Jacqueline Wong likes him. In between, he has some bed scenes with Lisa Ch'ng. In the end, he also has a romantic storyline with Katy.
- Moon does volunteer work and is a nurse, so she is gentle and likes to help people. She does not really use social networking sites, but because she works as a volunteer at the Science Park, she meets Jason, Owen, et al., even being romantically entangled with them. Her boyfriend is Jason, and she will appear as Wonder Woman and a goddess in Owen's imagination. She is a goddess-level character.
- Jacqueline will play Ting Sun Yan (丁信恩), a KOL. She has a straightforward personality, is crude, and is more like a Hong Kong girl. She is very driven, as she works part-time at a maid café and is also a flirtatious part-time girlfriend who accepts money when she is touched, but it is not to the point of prostitution; however, it was not by choice, as her friend, who is a part-time girlfriend, was busy, so she substituted for her. She has to dance in a maid's outfit. Bowie Wu is her maternal grandfather.
- Lee Kwok Lun is from a wealthy family. Whatever he says goes; he is strict toward his children, Katy and Brian Tse.
- Akina Hong is from a wealthy family.
- Brian will play Wong Chi Pok (王子博), a rich guy who feels inferior and does not have enough confidence. He is an antagonist. He Katy's elder twin brother.
- Karl Ting will play a video game expert. He is a dispirited youth who does no decent work and only wants to play video games, so he has conflict with his mother (played by Rosanne Lui). He and Owen are brothers.
- Milkson Fong will play Rico, an IT nerd. He is also called 「葡萄L」.
- Chun Kai Wai is from a wealthy family.
- Aaryn Cheung will play Ko Kin Bor (高健波), an IT nerd. He is a fan of girl groups. He is also called 「AK仔」.
- Ho Yuen Tung will play 「奇異果博士」, an IT nerd.
- Kevin Tong will play 「街霸強」, an IT nerd. He is the king of trendy phrases.
- Fion Yung is from a wealthy family.
- Hebe Chan will play a KOL who loves money. To increase her popularity, she becomes a waitress at a maid café, becoming a flirtatious maid.
- Daniel Chau will play a disabled person. He and Moon have a miscalculated fate.
- Sophie Yip will play Joey.

Credits to Hyn5

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  [Upcoming TVB Drama] Wife Interrupted - 救妻同學會
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[Upcoming TVB Drama] Wife Interrupted - 救妻同學會
Genre: Drama
Cast: Hurbert Wu, Moon Lau, Ashley Chu, Alycia Chan, Rainky Wai, Stitch Yu, Maggie Wong, Virginia Lau, and Jessica Kan
Air Date: November 11th 2018
Watch Online
- The series will air on Sunday nights.
- There is a parallel universe element.
- Filming began in August 2018
- Hubert Wu is the first male lead, and he will sing the theme song. He is portraying a fugitive who loves his wife, Moon Lau.
- Ashley Chu, Alycia Chan, Rainky Wai, Stitch Yu, Maggie Wong, Virginia Lau, and Jessica Kan are also taking part.
- Each episode is 2 hours long
Credits to Hyn5

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  [Upcoming TVB Drama] Fraudster in Hollywood 荷里活有個大老千
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[Upcoming TVB Drama] Fraudster in Hollywood 荷里活有個大老千
Genre: Crime drama
Cast: Paul Chun, Kent Cheng, Kent Tong, Babyjohn Choi, Dominic Ho, Selena Lee, Connie Man, Akina Hong, Angie Cheong, James Ng, Ada Wong, Jacquelin Ch'ng
Watch Online:

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